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Slash will lend his talent to a Sioux Falls, SD academy that provides free musical training for members of the community's Boys and Girls Club.  The Brennan Rock & Roll Academy was founded by Chuck Brennan, a rock fan whose day gig is running Dollar Loan Centers. Brennan met the former Gun 'N Roses guitarist when he opened for KISS, a group that has also thrown its support behind Brennan's academy.  Slash was just going to attend the private September 28 program until he found out that one of the students planned to do the GNR version of Bob Dylan's Knocking On Heaven's Door.  He then offered to also play with the three groups scheduled to perform that night.
Brennan is elated, saying, 'This is a HUGE deal not only for the students and academy. This program has taken on a life of its own around the country - having Slash brings it to the next level, for sure.'