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Redditch, the Worcestershire UK community Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham grew up in, wants to commemorate its musical claim to fame with a statue of him.  Some businesses have aligned themselves with a campaign launched by local Zep fans and the late drummer's brother, Mick Bonham, has committed to donating some proceeds from the sale of a book he's written about John to the cause.  Bonzo's sister, Deborah, tells the Redditch Standard she likes the idea but notes that his on and off stage antics aside, John was actually quite bashful 'John was unassuming, so he'd probably be a bit shy about it - but I know he'd be very proud.'
A similar campaign being mounted in the home town of Bon Scott, the late AC/DC front man, has yet to raise half of its statue funding goal after a Kickstarter campaign failed to meet its goal ahead of a deadline.  Supporters there vow to continue their fund raising efforts.