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After two month's laying low, a trimmer and trimmed Bob Weir emerged to play at band mate Phil Lesh's Marin County venue Wednesday night (6/12).  Looking fit and sporting a better tended beard, the Grateful Dead veteran was in good spirits and much better form than the night he had to be assisted from the stage of the Capitol Theatre in Portchester, New York after a semi-coherent performance that was interrupted when he fell off a chair that had been placed on the stage due to his inability to steady himself standing (story).  Furthur guitarist John Kadlecik attributed Weir's problems that night to having mistaking taken Ambien instead of the pain medicine he was prescribed for a shoulder injury.

The Terrapin Crossing web-cast appearance started with an acoustic set that also featured Rob Wasserman.  He was later joined by Beth Orton, Jonathan Wilson and Leslie Mendelson.  Asked by a fan, 'How are you doing today?', Weir responded, 'I'm doing fine, thanks. I didn't get in my workout today, and I'm a lot better when I've had my workout, but I'm doing fine.'