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Tom Petty in a 1300 seat theater was such a hot ticket that selling out five nights at the Fonda Theater in Hollywood was never in question. What is in question, at least in the opinion of the fire marshals, is how many people were actually in the house on Saturday night (6/8).  Authorities shut the show down half way through the Heartbreaker's set because they were convinced that the room was jammed to the point of being unsafe if an evacuation became necessary.  Petty fired back that the number of tickets sold was within the stated capacity for the venue and that the authorities made the decision based only on the number of fans packing themselves in close to the stage.  The statement from the band also stated, 'First and foremost, the safety of our fans is our primary concern and the most important consideration', and said the group would work with the venue and the fire marshals to make sure their final two nights of the series could go forward without interruption.