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It's been almost a decade since Aerosmith gave fans a glimpse of the band performing in concert (You Gotta Move, 2004).  An upcoming DVD and Blu-ray release puts them front and center as the band tearing things up during it's 2011 tour of Japan.  Rock For The Rising Sun (Eagle Rock, July 23), also comes loaded with behind the scenes footage of the band backstage and between shows.  Aerosmith's fall tour of Japan came as the country was recovering from the double disasters of the Fukushima nuke plant meltdown and the catastrophic earthquake/tsunami.  Japan's Rockers needed an outlet and Aerosmith provided it by delivering stellar performances at every stop.  The best of each night made it into this collection, including versions of Sweet Emotion, Hangman Jury, Walk This Way, Last Child, Livin' On The Edge, Love In An Elevator and others spanning the group's multi-decade career.