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It seems Bruce Springsteen can do no wrong in ears and the minds of die-hard fans, but it will interesting to see what his broader audience thinks about Western Stars, the album The Boss releases next month that delves into country flavored tunes. Hello Sunshine, the advance track from the lp, makes it seem unlikely that there will be much if any wailing guitar or a sax solo to be found on it.

The good news for fans this album holds little of interest for is that Bruce has apparently gone on an E Street Band style of song writing jag.


In a Netflix event discussion with film director Martin Scorcese, Bruce said, 'I wrote almost an album’s worth of material for the band. And it came out of just… I mean, I know where it came from, but at the same time, it just came out of almost nowhere, and it was good, you know. I had about two weeks of those little daily visitations, and it was so nice. It makes you so happy. You go, 'F#*%, I’m not f#*%ed, all right? There’ll be another tour!.