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A series of love letters Mick Jagger penned to Marsha Hunt, the woman that claims to have inspired the Rolling Stones classic Brown Sugar, could bring more than $100k when they are offered at a Sotheby's auction December 12.  The ten letters, sent to Hunt during the summer of 1969 when Jagger was in Australia filming scenes for the movie Ned Kelly, have spent most of the years since stashed in a bank vault.  Hunt, a fixture on the London music and social scene in the mid-late 60's who performed with Elton John on occasion, is candid about her reason for offering the letters for sale, saying, 'I'm broke'.
In the letters, which will be sold as a single lot, Jagger references to events of the day, including the lunar landing, the Isle of Wight festival  (he laments having to miss 'John & Yoko boring everybody'), the death of former Stones guitarist Brian Jones and his disintegrating relationship with Marianne Faithful.  He also writes of the things he is reading during his down time between scenes, mentioning Nijinsky's diaries and Emily 'Dix' - presumably Emily Dickinson - poems.
What goes unsaid by Hunt is whether she offered Mick the chance to buy them back before she approached Sotheby.