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As members of the Rolling Stones get ready for their first live performances together in several years, the group has released One More Shot, the second of two songs recorded during recent sessions in Paris.


Talking about the upcoming dates at London's O2 Arena and the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey, Ron Wood says he looks forward to playing live and maintains that the thrill of being on stage never grows old for him, calling the live Stones experience '...totally fresh and totally new every time we get together.'
The band has been the target of some criticism over the price of tickets to the four concerts, prices Wood claims the group needs to charge to offset the enormous costs of touring and still allow members to '...make something'.  That may be - but expect that criticism to spread and escalate unless the band offers to donate at least some of the proceeds from the Newark concerts (December 13 & 15)) to help Garden State residents still in crisis in the aftermath of the severe battering that Hurricane Sandy delivered to the region.  The offer to match donations made by fans attending the concert might be a good way for the band to avoid getting itself caught up a crossfire hurricane of negative publicity and public opinion.