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Rockin' birthday wishes to Andy Summers of the Police, born on the last day of 1942.  Others born 12/31 include Pete Quaife of the Kinks (1943), Patti Smith (1946), Burton Cummings of the Guess Who (1947), Aerosmith's Tom Hamilton (1950) and Paul Wasterberg of the Replacements (1960).
Jimi Hendrix debuted his post Experience group the Band of Gypsys on New Year's Eve of 1969 at the Fillmore East in New York.  The pre Bon Scott AC/DC did its first concert to welcome in the New Year at a club in Sydney on 12/31/1973.  Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks became members of  Fleetwood Mac on the final day of 1974. 
Steve Winwood chose the last day of 1980 to release his solo album Arc Of A Diver.
Winterland in San Francisco closed with a Grateful Dead - New Riders of the Purple Sage concert on New Year's Eve, 1978.  On this date in 1984, Def Leppard Drummer Rick Allen lost an arm in the crash of his Corvette. The following year on this day, Rick Nelson lost his life in a plane crash.
Chris Robinson of the Black Crowes tied the knot with actress Kate Hudson on 12/31/2000.  Alex Lifeson of Rush and his son got arrested after an altercation with other guests at a Naples, Florida hotel on New Year's Eve in 2003. 
And in a fittingly strange but true ending to its touring years, Motley Crue's final show in Las Vegas on this night in 2015 ended with Tommy Lee stuck upside down on an on-stage roller coaster built to carry him and his kit over and around the band as they played.