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Happy birthday to Keith Richards! Born on this day in 1943, the Rolling Stones guitarist recently decided to cut way back on his drinking. He just might outlive us all. Today is also the anniversary of Keith's marriage to Patty Hanson in 1983. Other Rockers born 12/18 include Chas Chandler, bassist for the Animals and Jim Hendrix's first manager (1938), Be Bop Deluxe's Bill Nelson (1948) and Elliot Easton of the Cars (1953). On 12/18/2015 Ray and Dave Davies of the Kinks performed together for the first time in 20 years. Rumors of a longer reunion tour have reignited almost every year since. Could 2019 be the year? And Carlos Santana this week said that he's in if the organizers of a 50th anniversary Woodstock festival on the original site want him.