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Paul Stanley
had an uncharacteristically restrained response to Steven Tyler's recent dismissal of KISS as nothing more than a 'comic book band'.  Appearing on the syndicated Rockline program Monday (10/15) with guitarist Tommy Thayer, Stanley responded to host Bob Coburn's invitation to respond to the statement made during an interview on a Tampa, Florida radio station by saying, 'Maybe Steven's feeling a bit full of himself because he has an album coming out.Stanley did get another dig in while taking about the co-headlining tour KISS and Aerosmith did in 2003 - a tour in which Aerosmith got the closing slot on every night.  Stanley said Tyler 'Had a chip on his shoulder back then', and was '...looking down his nose a bit at KISS', and added that, 'Seeing him come on stage to an underwhelmed audience and people walking out' gave him a smile.