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The Rolling Stones have finally confirmed concerts for London's O2 Arena and the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey.  The UK dates are slated for November 25 and 29, with the lone US dates confirmed at this point taking place on December 13 & 15.  The second New jERSEY date will also be offered as live a pay-for-view.  The availability of the extra time required for the live telecast apparently cost the Barclay Center in Brooklyn the chance to land the dates.
Keith Richards issued a statement Monday (10/15) confirming the dates and apologizing for the delay in getting the dates firmed up.  The concerts with a whirlwind of 50th anniversary projects involving the band. GRRR!, a massive compilation of recorded material, gets released November 13.  A Rockumentary titled Crossfire Hurricane premiers in London October 18 and opens at the Zeigfeld Theater in New York the same day GRRR! gets released and a large book commemorating the group's half century Rocking the world also comes out in the fall.