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Duane Allman was such a gifted guitarist hat he remains one of the most influential players to ever pick up the instrument. He was so immersed in music that people who knew him well said it was unusual to see him without a guitar in hand or within reach. When one wasn't, he was often enjoying another passion; riding his motorcycle. While doing that on this day in 1971, Duane lost his life when he crashed on a Macon, Georgia street.
His brother Gregg was laid to rest last year next to Duane in Rose Hill Cemetery in the city the Allman Brothers Band adopted as their home.
On a recent visit to Macon that was cut short by the need to get out of the path of Hurricane Michael, we made an early morning visit to the brothers' resting place, then stopped by the house band members lived in. The Big House is a museum now. 
Made a couple of stops downtown in Macon... the Capricorn Records Studios and Offices are long shuttered, but it is hoped funds can be raised to restore and preserve the building. 
Another building of note is the Tic Toc Room. Now an upscale bistro, this was a club where Otis Redding, James Brown, Little Richard and other legendary Rock & Soul artists hung out and performed.
We look forward to getting back to spend more time at these and other sites in this storied musical town.