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1975 was a year of individual and collective turmoil for Gregg Allman and the Allman Brothers Band.  There had already been discord within the group over Gregg's decision to record a solo album and release it just a matter of weeks after Brothers and Sisters, the band's 1973 album, came out. 
The ABB was one of the biggest touring acts in 1974, making enough money to charter the Boeing jet the Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin had used to tour. But internal disagreements  said to have been fueled by heavy drinking and drug use pushed things to the breaking point. Matters only got worse when Gregg took up with Cher at the start of 1975.
OnJune 30, 1975, the two married, taking up residence in Hollywood, making the couple a convenient target of the tabloids. The group ground out a Win, Lose or Draw and managed to get in another tour, but came apart at the seams when Gregg provided testimony in the drug trial of Scooter Herring, a close associate of the band.
With the other band members refusing to work with Gregg, he recorded another solo record as well as a disastrous one with Cher.  The two embarked on a tour of Europe that was cancelled after altercations between his and her fans started breaking out during shows.
The couple split up, and divorced in 1978.