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Stephanie Lynn Nicks... has the ring of a Country Music artist, and she might have become one. Her earliest singing was with her grandfather while growing up in the southwest.  After stints living in Phoenix, Albuquerque, and El Paso, the Nicks family settled in California, where Stevie joined a folk-rock group. She met her future musical and romantic partner Lindsey Buckingham in her senior year of high school. They were together in a band named Fritz while attending San Jose State until 1972, when Buckingham Nicks was formed. Their album got released in '73. Buckingham played guitar on Fleetwood Mac member Bob Welch's solo album, putting him on Mick Fleetwood's radar.  The drummer wanted Lindsey to replace Welch in FM, but Welch said he'd only do it if Nicks was added, too.  The pair became Fleetwood Mac members in January, 1975.