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The "A" and the "M" in A&M Records represented Herb Alpert and Jerry Moss, musical presences that made the label quite different from the other big ones in the '70's. They were a big part of why A&M believed in nurturing bands. That patience paid off big when Supertramp delivered the album the label released on this date in 1979. Breakfast In America was the band's sixth album. The title track and 3 others were among the most heavily played songs on Rock radio and the album was logged 6 weeks in the top spot of the Billboard album chart and # 1 status in 5 other countries, as well. The send-up of the waitress as Lady Liberty as imagined through an airliner's window made the album an instant sensation in the country that gifted the Statue of Liberty to the US. It remains the top selling Rock album in France to this day.