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Bagpipes accompanied the casket carrying Malcolm Young's body as it departed from the ceremony at St Mary's Cathedral in Sydney on Tuesday.  The funeral for the late founding brother of AC/DC was attended by his brother Angus, the sole surviving current member of the group, as well as former members Brian Johnson and Cliff Williams.  Guitar picks with the dates of Malcolm's birth and death on them were given to those attending the service as they entered the cathedral and Angus Youn entered carrying his brother's favorite guitar.  The ceremony was a somber one the included a choir singing Amazing Grace and The Lord is My Shepherd in honor of the rhythm guitarist who died after suffering from dementia the last several years of his life.  Family members elected not to speak at the service but expressed appreciation in the program handed to those attending for the "love, support and overwhelming outpouring of kindness" shown them during Young's illness and following his passing.  Singer Brian Johnson was particularly grief stricken as he entered and departed the ceremony.