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The setting was a church fundraising function in the Liverpool suburb of Woolton.  The entertainment at the fair on that Saturday included the skiffle group The Quarrymen.  16 year-old John Lennon did most of the vocals as the group played on the back of a flatbed truck being used as the makeshift stage for the event.  After Lennon's band played outside, they went indoors to set-up for an evening performance.  It was while setting up that a fellow student known by both John and 15 year-old Paul McCartney introduced the two.  

Remarkably, two songs of that day's performance by The Quarrymen were recorded by a member of the church's youth club. Bob Molyneux offered the tape to Lennon via Ringo Starr in 1963, but John never reached out to get it.  After keeping it under wraps for three decades, Molyneux sold the tape through Sotheby's auction house.