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Adam Clayton accepted the MusiCares award Monday (6/26) in New York City.  In accepting the honor from the organization dedicated to assisting musicians confronting substance abuse issues, the U2 bassist thanked his U2 band mates and Eric Clapton and Pete Townshend for helping him beat his drinking probem.  Speaking bout his difficulties controlling his drinking, Clayton inferred that he feared his career depended on him being in an alcohol fueled state but said, '...two heroes of mine were there for me and it meant a great deal that they would try to convince me otherwise.'  The turning point, Clayton says, came 'After two particularly destructive benders Eric Clapton was there on the end of the phone.  He didn't sugar-coat it, he told me that I needed to change my life and that I wouldn't regret it.'  Clapton provided Clayton with the name of the treatment center that Clayton checked in to and, while he was there, Townshend visited and helped him '...put steel on my back'.