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Just days after the amicable appearance of Yes for acceptance into the Rock Hall Of Fame, a war of words has broken out between former and current members of the lineup.  Jon Anderson, Trevor Rabin and Rick Wakeman had been performing as ARW.  The announcement that the group as elected to add Yes to the name and promote themselves as Yes Featuring Anderson, Rabin, Wakeman has prompted the lineup touring as Yes to issue a statement calling on promoters and ticket sellders to take measures to '... respect Yes' magnificent and loyal fan base and minimize confusion regarding the use of Yes Featuring Anderson, Rabin, Wakeman.'  Jon Anderson considers the matter clear, offering, 'It's very simple.  The fans want it, we want it and it's our right to use the name.  YES music is in our DNA.'  In our opinion, any band touring without its original core members and the lead vocalist that earned the band its standing is a cover band.