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During his life and career, David Bowie's impact and influence on music was largely overlooked by the people that decide who deserves a Grammy award.  Now that he's gone, they flocked to reward him posthumously for an album that few fans consider on a par with his best work.  Of the dozen nominations Bowie received during his lifetime, he only collected the hardware for one - and that was in the video/short film category in 1985 for Jazzin' for Blue Jean (the song Blue Jean was also nominated, but lost that year).

Sunday night (2/12) in LA, Bowie cleaned up, winning a Grammy in four categories - all of them recognition for the music on Blackstar, the album released within days of his death at the end on 2015. Bowie won for Best Rock Performance, Best Rock Song, Best Alternative Music Album and Best Engineered Album (Non-Classical).