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Early studio rehearsals for the next Rolling Stones studio album got the lads playing some of the Blues songs they grew-up loving just to loosen up.  They were having so much fun and sounding so good that they shifted gears and decided on putting out Blue and Lonesome, a stripped down tribute to musical idols of their youth.  Since its release, the band has resumed work with producer Don Was on a new album of band originals. Was, speaking with Ultimate Classic Rock, says the sessions have been going very well... 'The energy is f*#king great'.  He also credits the success of the Blues album for creating a good studio vibe, saying the guys are '...stoked about the response to Blue and Lonesome. It's them being them. It's an affirmation of the band being itself.'  That said, the producer also calls the current project '... a ways off yet until we're done.'