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Brian Johnson has nothing but appreciation for his time in AC/DC and has no issues with how members of the group handled the hearing problem he developed that resulted in them recruiting Axl Rose to finish their tour.
Speaking with SiriusXM, the now former lead singer attributed his hearing loss to crystalized fluids that were attacking the hearing in his one good ear. His hearing problems began nearly a decade ago when the singer and car racing enthusiast forgot to pop in his ear plugs while close to the action at a race.  He says the noise of the engines triggered tinnitus that lasted a number of months. His latest setback came after contracting a serious cold following a concert in a rain storm in Vancouver.  After flying back to Australia, Johnson saw a specialist and was informed of the severity of his situation and warned that attempting to continue with the band could result in him losing what hearing he has left.  As for his treatment by the band, Johnson has no complaints.  He said Cliff Williams was the most supportive of him throughout the ordeal, but added that none of the others in the band did or said anything about his situation that he has any issues with and he understands and supports their decision to finish the tour without him.  In closing, Johnson said, 'I had so many good times with the boys.  And I've had such a lucy and great life.  And I'm just thankful really that I came out of it in one piece.  Now I guess I could rock me socks off.'