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A trial in the suit claiming that Led Zeppelin ripped off a key segment of the melody for Stairway To Heaven from a Spirit song (story) could be settled for just $1.  The catch is that the late Randy California of that band be given a co-writing credit on the song and a share of all future royalties would go to his estate.  With a court date less than two weeks away that could lead to a multi-million dollar judgment if Zeppelin loses, it's a way out that Jimmy Page and Robert Plant might jump at. If a trial does take place, ground rules issued by the court will bar any testimony or evidence about previous claims of plagiarism by Zeppelin, any testimony about the group's alcohol or drug use or the personal wealth of members.  The attorney representing California's estate says it plans to use a good portion of any settlement in the case to fund a legacy program that provides musical instruments to underprivileged children.  The trial is scheduled to start on May 10th.