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Accounts that Brian Johnson's hiatus from performing live with AC/DC would be a temporary measure taken because doctors were concerned he might lose his hearing (story) were called into question after comedian Jim Breuer intimated that the band may have decided to cut ties with their lead singer. Breuer, who became friends with Johnson after the singer heard his great impression of him, seemed to believe that Johnson was getting 'kicked to the curb' by the group. He later indicated that he may have been mistaken.  Whether Johnson is in or out of the band over the long term, it appears likely that AC/DC will need a sub if the North American tour dates listed as postponed are going to get rescheduled anytime soon. Pre Bon Scott singer Dave Evans was quick to offer his services.  Another name put forward is Marc Storace of Krokus.


Here's a look at Breuer channeling Johnson on an episode of the Dan Patrick Show last year.