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A suit filed almost two years ago (story) by the estate of Randy California claiming that Led Zeppelin lifted the melody of Stairway To Heaven from a song California's band Spirit moved into the deposition phase recently.  Surviving members of Zeppelin were questioned separately about aspects of the band's creative process and business during the period they and Spirit did some dates together.  The estate's lawyer requested more time to look into specifics after each former member of Zeppelin indicated they new little about group finances or earnings during the period in question.  The attorney for Spirit's estate filed papers in the aftermath of the deposition of Jimmy Page indicating that the Zeppelin guitarist claims he '...remembers nothing about the 1960s or 1970s despite many public interviews concerning Spirit where he stated that he listened to the band's albums and that they struck him on an emotional level'. The album containing the epic Zeppelin song that the suit contends contained a melody lifted from Spirit's song Taurus has sold close to 40 millions copies since its 1971 release.