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Vinny Appice wants Bill Ward drummer back with Black Sabbath for its final go round, but he wants in, too, AND to have Tommy Clufetos, the stick man that has most reccently toured with Sabbath, to be in the lineup.   The triple drum proposal will probably fall on deaf ears because a dispute pver pay even when there was only one drummer seems to have led to Bill Ward's exile from the group, but Appice might lobby Tony Iommi on the idea.  Appice played drums during the Ronnie James Dio era.  talking with Mitch Lafon's One On One, Appice speculated that the group plans just to use Clufetos, but says he's ready anytime they call, saying, 'I would love to play with them', and adding, I think what they should do is have everybody play.  Bill comes out and plays, then I play a couple of songs, then Tommy as a special guest. It would be cool.'

We agree, but lotsa luck selling Ozzy on that idea.