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Journey has two resons for fans of the band to be thankful going into the Thanksgiving day break.  The band announced summer 2016 dates on a triple act tour that features them in the headline role, the Doobie Brothers in the middle and Traffic veteran Dave Mason as the opener.  The other development for the Bay Area band is that Steve Smith plans to be back as the group's regular drummer.  Smith rejoins the group after Dean Castronova was terminated by the group in the aftermath of a run-in involving substance abuse and assault charges.  Smith has indicated that he plans to dedicate the nxt two years to the group he drummer for during Journey's three decades of enormous success in the studio and on the road.  Smith and his former band mates open the tour on May 12 at the irvine Meadows Amphitheatre in California and will visit 27 states before wrapping up back in the Golden State for an August 30 date at the Sleep Train Amphihertre in Chula Vista, California.  Most Journey fans are sure to be wondering whether Smith rejoining the band might lead to the other Steve formerly with the group to think about doing the same.