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Bruce Springsteen calls the shots when the E Street Band is on stage and in the studio, but guitarist Steve Van Zandt is directing The Boss on the set of Lilyhammer, the crime series based on a city in Norway.   How did Bruce do in his first filming session? Just fine, according to the producer.  Van Zandt said of the performance, 'It's not some cameo. He's not playing himself. It's a real thing.'  Bruce plays the character of Guiseppe Tagliano, whose mob handle is The Undertaker, and will appear in the final three episodes of the new season of Lilyhammer.  Van Zandt admits that reversing the roles he's accustomed to as a member of Springsteen's band was a little unnerving, saying directing Springsteen produced, '...a little bit of anxiety', but added, ' meant a lot to me that he chose me and trusted me enough to direct him when literally everybody on earth's been wanting to do it.  Was it fun? Yeah, but it's more fun when it's over.'