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Mick Jagger has always seen to it that the Rolling Stones make sound business decisions so it's no surprise to learn that the group takes out a bing insurance policy when it goes on tour.  That policy is being put to the test over a claim the band is seeking due to revenue the group lost when Australian and New Zealand concerts were cancelled after their lead singer learned his lover had hung herself.  The band has submitted a diagnosis Jagger received as a legitimate medical reason the tour dates had to be scrubbed in the wake of L'Wren Scott's suicide.  A doctor pronounced that Jagger was suffering from acute traumatic stress as a result of the death of Scott.  The condition can be a  precurser to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Symptoms can trigger nightmares and emotional numbness or turmoil associated with feelings of guilt.  The group is reportedly seeking about $12.5 million from the nearly $27 million dollar policy.