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David Gilmour is protesting Scotland's attempt to deport Steve Forman, a U.S. born percussionist that has recorded with Pink Floyd, David Bowie and Fleetwood Mac.  Forman's not a subversive and claims no social services or benefits from the government.  So why should he be forced to leave? Authorities say immigration regulations include income requirements that Forman's salary from teaching percussion at the Royal Conservtoire of Scotland do not meet.  Gilmour says the prospect of Forman being forced to leave Scotland over something so trivial would be a 'tragic loss'.  The loss of his work permit means Forman can not instruct his students until or unless the government relents.  His salary was just a few thousand shy of the £31,000 required.  Gilmour says Forman's '...skills and approach are totally his own and as far as I know there is nobody I know of like him teaching rhythm in the UK or even Europe.'