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They say everything is bigger in Texas. That includes zany ideas. Odd-ball philanthropist Stanley Marsh made his fortune from oil and gas and built a roadside attraction on Route 66 in Amarillo consisting of 10 Cadillacs planted nose down in the ground.  The Cadillac Ranch inspired the Bruce Springsteen song of the same name on his 1980 River double album.  The Ranch was not the only off-beat creation Marsh came up with.  He also had a 180' pool table at his own ranch with a billboard reading 'Actual size' next to it.  The idea for the Cadillac Ranch was hatched in an art collective Marsh created in 1974 and named the Ant Farm.  He told the Amarillo Globe-News ten years ago that the installation was intended as a '...monument to the American dream, when we all thought we could hit the road, get a blonde, break the bank in Las Vegas and be a movie star.'