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ZZ Top - Double Down Live DVD

ZZ Top
- Double Down Live

Rockpalast has been presenting no-frills performances by bands since 1974. The fact German television ended up with a Rock TV show hipper than just about everything on US television is odd. So is the one clean shaven guy in ZZ Top being named Beard. Fans of the Tejas Trio are in for a treat. Frank, Billy and Dusty delivered a killer set on Rockpalast in 1980.  Even the muddy dubs of that set in circulation over the years made it clear that this was an exceptional performance.  Thanks to Eagle Rock Entertainment, which has arranged for the restoration and release of several Rockpalast sets on DVD, the concert can now be experienced in much higher quality video and audio than even those lucky enough to catch the original telecast got to see and hear.  It captures ZZ Top at its raw, potent best - before the slickness of Eliminator and the even more unfortunate slide into the band's techno-cliché plagued Afterburner phase. The 22 song set on disc 1 absolutely smokes - with Gibbons, Hill and Beard totally tuned in to each other and the music - no silly props or synth looped nonsense, this is ZZ Top at its bad-ass best.  The second disc of this set features concert and off-stage footage from the 2008 tour. The concert segments on this disc suggest that the band is serious about returning the emphasis to making great music instead of it being incidental to a bunch of special effects, audio smoke & mirrors and silly choreographyThat's great news for true fans of one of the best trios to ever plug-in.