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Warren Zevon - Collector's Edition

Warren Zevon
Collector's Edition

Concert versions of songs on the original release are a staple of reissues - even when little distinguishes them from the studio recording.  Most previously unreleased "bonus" titles on posthumous reissues were left off the original release for good reason - and would not be on the reissue either if the artist was around to supervise the project.  Alternate studio takes and demos of the same titles on the original album seldom account for much of the bonus content.  Credit Rhino Records for taking the unorthodox approach of including both the original and an alternate version of every song on Warren Zevon's remarkable 1976 release on this collection. 
Remastering of songs on the original Jackson Browne produced album gives them a striking clarity, and the alternate takes, some performed solo, let us appreciate each from a slightly new perspective. All remind us of what a great writer Zevon was - musically and lyrically.
If you appreciate Warren Zevon nearly as much as the Rock Hall Of Fame should appreciate him, this collection will make it into yours.