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Free - Forever Free

- Forever Free

With the amazing pipes of Paul Rodgers out front, rock-solid drum work from Simon Kirke in back, gifted lead guitar by Paul Kossoff and the inspired bass playing of Andy Fraser,  Free was one of the most electrifying bands of any era.  Unfortunately the group disbanded too quickly to garner the acclaim it surely would have if more audiences had witnessed it live. Forever Free chronicles the brief but intense run of the band, making a strong case for why the band deserves to be considered one of the most influential groups in Rock.
Highlights include concert footage from the 1979 set the group turned loose at the Isle of Wight festival, and a Beat Club show. Forever Free also stitches together archival video footage, recent interviews, audio, memorabilia, and other elements of band history into an impressive package. In addition to photos and artwork, the collection includes rare footage of Be My Friend, Mr. Big and All Right Now as well as original and brand new edits of the Isle of Wight videos and a Top of the Pops appearance.