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Doors - When You're Strange

When You're Strange

Jim Morrison
has been dead nearly twice as long as he was alive and the collapse of the Doors was attributable to his downward spiral, so a movie as candid about what was going on
during the turmoil at both ends of that saga is not as surprising as it is to have the Stones not only allow an equally if not more candid one about themselves - but actually participate and produce it!  Both movies are remarkable. 
Despite a surprisingly deadpan Johnny Depp narration, When Your're Strange captures the mayhem, tenderness and many of the other contradictions of Jim Morrison and making it easy to understand how difficult his increasingly dysfunctional state must have been for the band. Riveting concert and backstage scenes also capture the charisma he somehow maintained even as his life was unraveling.  The fact the band emerged from Southern California and that Morrison was a film student at UCLA accounts for why so much of the band's private time was caught on film.  When You're Strange also does a good job of  presenting the cultural and historical context of the period and relating it to what was happening in Morrison's head.