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Noteworthy Then

The Rolling Stones released Aftermath in the UK on this day in 1966.  The Us release (pictured)  would come more than a month later with Paint It Black added in place of a few of the titles on the British edition.  The album was the first by the group to be comprised almost entirely by Jagger/Richards songs.
Eight years later on April 15, Lynyrd Skynyrd released its second album.  Leading off with Sweet Home Alabama, the song that became a Southern Rock Anthem and closing with the group's amped up version of JJ Cale's Call Me The Breeze, Second Helping added to the legions of fans the debut album and solid performances as opening act on the Who's US tour earned it.

Billy Joel sustained a broke wrist in in a motorcycle crash on 4/15/1982.

Joey Ramone (Jeffrey Hyman) of the Ramones  died of lymphoma on this day in 2001